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The club meets monthly, typically the second Monday of each month at the Lake Wildwood Community Center. The meeting begins at 1:30 p.m.  MAP

Annual membership is only $25 for an individual or $30 for household. If you are interested, please contact President Dennis Loggins at:

The Lake Wildwood Macintosh Apple Corp (MAC CLUB) welcomes all of its members and visitors to our next monthly meeting.

The monthly meetings are held at 1:30 p.m in the beautiful Lake Wildwood Community center overlooking our lake. We are proud to provide an informative and entertaining presentation of some aspect of Macintosh applications. Also, each month we offer "Quick Tips" and a Q&A by one of our knowledgable members.  

We have a “picnic” outdoor social activity in September and a special holiday function in December.

Enjoy an on-line question and answer dialogue through our "list server" emails. This forum allows members to ask questions and share problems (yes, Mac users do have them!). Fellow Mac users respond with answers and solutions.

The club website is designed to keep folks informed.  There are links at the top page providing information:

* Future Meetings/Programs

* Photos of our activities.

* A page on Apple Corps Help, providing several ways members and guests can avail themselves of help and assistance.

Most of all we try to make our meetings and activities useful, fun and something to anticipate. So, come and visit us. Who knows you might even win one of our monthly door prizes!

Dennis Loggins


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November 12th    

1:30 - 3:00 PM


TiPs and TrIcKs

Always Something New

New to Mac: Sierra Edition * FULL CLASS *

Just get your first Mac? This tutorial is perfect if you just bought your first Apple Computer or need to brush up on the basics. David A. Cox is a technology teacher and in this video he’ll show you everything you need to get started. Topics include Finder, Setting Finder Preferences, the Dock, the Apple Menu, Hot Keys, and more. You’ll find tons of links below to products and software that David recommends for new to Mac users.

Photos for Mac 2016 - Full Tutorial


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        Dennis Loggins

Open Q & A w/ Scott:

Bring your questions to the next meeting.


Dennis Loggins will  cover three quick-tips at our next Mac Club meeting. Watching Apple Support videos on YouTube.  A demonstration of how to get and use graphics from Google Images. Plus a demo of gifs and how to get and use them.

Mike Hill

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