Lake WIldwood Macintosh Apple Corps

Nevada County, California

Club Help

Many of you, our club members, have computer and software skills. Some have extensive patience. Your ability may be as simple as:

     * How to re-boot your computer & router to improve internet service.

     * How to use streaming services like Youtube, Netfilx or Pandora.

     * How to update software.

     * How to burn a DVD.

Or more indepth skills that would make you the club expert using application such as:

     * Photos, iMovie, or PhotoBooth

     * Pages, Numbers or Keynote

     * Calendar, Contacts or Reminders

     * Time Machine

Many problems can be solved over the phone. Sometimes just listening to a person's problem, doing a Google search for them and then explaining in simple terms what they might try can make a world of difference.

If you know of such a person or you would like to be posted here as a helper, please contact me, Scott Taylor, and we can talk.

Knowledge does not have a weight. All is knowledge valuable.