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40 awesome tips for iPad users: Learn how to get the most out of your iPad

Whichever model you're using, as long as you're running iOS 9 we can help you get more our of your iPad with our 40 awesome tips.

Some of my picks:

17. How to jump back to drafts in iOS Mail

Maybe you abandoned a message before you tapped to send it. You needn't navigate deep into the Mail app's mailbox hierarchy to find your Drafts folder. Instead, you can tap and hold on the New Message icon to bring up a menu listing all your saved drafts. You can still select a totally new message from the dropdown menu that appears.

19. How to delete messages in iOS Mail

If you do enable archiving as an option for your messages, that doesn't mean you're no longer able to delete messages outright from your iPhone or iPad. Just tap and hold on the Archive button, and you'll get a second option: Delete Message.

24. Your own private IMDb

You probably already know that you can use Siri to get information about what’s playing at cinemas near you, but Siri's also an expert in pretty much every motion picture ever made. 

Not only can you ask about your favourite films, but you can also make Siri do the legwork when, for example, you’re curious about which films actors have appeared in together. You might ask, "What movies star both Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry?" And Siri will reply: The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Rugrats in Paris. Er, how interesting.

40. How to set up iCloud tabs

If you’ve ever found yourself viewing a web page on your Mac and wanting to view it on your iPad instead, iCloud Tabs is for you. This feature syncs any open tabs among devices configured with the same iCloud account. 

On the iPad, you'll see an iCloud icon in the Safari toolbar; tap that to get a list of tabs open on your other devices and select the website you want to view from the list.

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