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Nevada County, California

Web Classes

Dan's Tutorials are some of the best video lessons on the market for learning how to use your Apple Devices

Over 66 individual on-line video courses are available.

Work at your own pace, stop and start and try out each of the skills contained in the lessons.

The best way to sharpen your skills is to “Learn by doing."

The PDF version of a presentation given by Dennis Loggins in the Spring of 2015 is provided below and contains information on how to take a site tour and how you can sign up for a Trial Membership:

MacMost web site is one that any Mac User should be aware of. The site is hosted by Gary Rosenzwieg. It provides a new video every few days on a variety of Mac and Apple products.

These videos include reviews, tips and tricks and in- depth instructions on how to use many of the applications provided by Apple for its devices including the Mac, the iPhone the iPad and others.

Many Mac user find it helpful to bookmark the MacMost website on their browsers and check the site out frequently to see what is new.

In addition you may click on the Videos link at the top of the page to view a library of videos by